Iris is Manager, Computer Vision

As GumGum has grown over the years, so has our baby count. 2017 was an exciting year for computer vision scientist Iris Fu, who just welcomed her first child, Christopher, into the world.. Iris is a force to be reckoned with — a young, working mother who sits on our computer vision team — helming a role that requires constant, detailed analysis of digital data. Establishing stability in many roles can be tough so Iris shared some advice for women who might be in the same situation.

How do you find balance between work and motherhood?

It’s challenging for sure but it’s manageable. The most important part is just accepting that some days there will be items that will not be completed on your own to do list. Time goes by so fast that if you do have some extra time left over, it’s better to just catch up on sleep or “me-time”!

What is your favorite part about being a mom?

Bedtime! Ok, it might not be the most favorite part, but it’s definitely at the top of the list. The favorite part is seeing my son’s face light up with his gummy smile when someone starts talking to him and he tries to respond with his own “coos” and babble talk. This is especially fun because at the end of the conversation, you always get your way since he can’t talk back yet. For example, he likes to gnaw on his fists to which we repeatedly pull his hands out of his mouth. That way so we can pretend he apologizes repeatedly for doing it even though he may not think that.

What advice would you give to working moms?

Find a daycare early! Sometimes it seems as competitive as getting into college with all the wait lists we were on. For a lot of the daycares, when we asked them if they had any availability, they told us it would be a 1–3 year wait… Other advice would be to focus on time management. Rest and relax while you can sense things will get busy at work and at home.

Also, mom guilt is real. It was hard dropping my son off at daycare the first few times especially since we didn’t know how he would react to being around unfamiliar faces. After the first few times, you’ll find that the daycare experience is quite nice. He comes home ready to sleep since he’s had so much playtime during the day.

Is there anything else you would like to share?

There’s going to be a lot of different advice thrown at you, most will be conflicting. But in the end, you realize there is no universal way to raise your kid, so feel free to choose what works for you!